The Blue King Plots

The blue king watched the embalmer carefully extract the organs of his patient on the table, patiently awaiting the heart. Once he had the lifeless organ in his hands he paused as if he were the god Anubis himself, weighing this soul’s worthiness of the quest in the realm of the underworld. It would not only be the guardians of the underworld this soul would have to conquer, but the monsters who played with time and space. Finding a pure heart with magic was difficult in these times. The kings had not realized what; one of them would come to know as the Butterfly Effect. They were had been tricked by a time monster, an old witch, into killing one of their own. All for revenge on some light, shimmering maiden that had been thrown into their lives, she was the one they should have killed. After they brought back the white king and restored order, she and the old witch would pay. No slow death for them, but slow torture. The same suffering they have caused the kings. No more monsters of time. Preparations for the white king’s revival were almost complete. The blue king just needed one more item.


Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #287


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  1. Very cool visuals, Z.



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