Shaded Hit

This is my first entry in Friday Fictioneers, I’ve forgotten the last two weeks. This week’s picture by Ted Strutz.

“Are you sure about this? It just looks like any old dinky sun glasses vendor at the carnival?” Melisa skeptically asked Hillary.

“Yes, this guy can hook you up with anything.”

“Yeah, maybe some knock off D&C’s”

“Those too,” Hillary hissed excitingly.

“There are so many people around!”

“Well, act like you’re browsing and I’ll see if I can get us a private viewing, if you know what I mean.

Hillary said to Melisa as she disappeared behind the counter to talk to the vendor. They motioned her to join them behind the tent.

“He can set up the hit.”


One thought on “Shaded Hit

  1. These girls are very naughty. I’m so interested in finding out who the hit is on. Very good, I like it. Hopefully this story is expanded. I’m 24 on the list this week.

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