Letter to the Past

Dear 14 year old Jennifer,

This is your 28 year old self writing to you from the future with some advice. No, I’m not going to tell you all the future. To do so could change to course of human history as we know for better or worse. Anyway, I want to tell you about one event that either you may have already participated in or are going to very soon. I can’t quite remember the exact time, but I remember the events and consequences vividly.

They’re putting together some kind of writing journal for the school and you who love to write are going to enter. Even despite what I’m about to tell you will still enter you works if you have not already done so. You have or will soon amassed a variety of poetry, short stories, and plays, some not very happy in nature. But then again you are a teenager and you’re just writing what you feel and what you know and what you imagination creates.

There will be an exhibit or open house of some sort and the journal and your writings will be there as will you and your family and friends will show up. There will be one particular piece that you are particular proud of, a real creative mastering so you think at the time. (And I still think so too.)

Perhaps you’ve already written the piece and you know the one I’m talking about.  You were outside you’re element that day, creative juices flowing. Not a particular pleasant or happy piece though.

Anyway, at this event, you work is read, and a certain someone is quite ‘displeased’ (if you will) with your work. “How could you write that? What were you thinking? What will everyone think when they read this?” They question you work over all and perhaps you’ve already guess whom I’m referring too, but they single out that one particular piece that is your centerpiece for your works in this journal.

You are mortified, distraught, your works stomped upon. It’s the harsh truth. In fact you stop writing, aside from assignments in high school. No writing in college either. It takes you nearly 14 years to start writing again.

If there is one piece of advice, one small piece of history for you to change, that is, “KEEP WRITING!” Ignore those hurtful words, they mean nothing.  I am here to tell you from the future that to keep writing is worth every moment of embarrassment and mortification. Your creativity and imagination is like a muscle that you need to exercise and I’m a bit rusty. It’s up to you to not let this go 14 years.

Best Wishes,

Your Future Self