Lonely Nights

Friday Night

I’ve been in town for just over a year, long enough to figure out the Friday evening traffic chaos, but not long enough to make good enough friends to join me at the opera. I made it downtown with enough time to enjoy the theatre’s pasta and wine and settled myself into a cozy corner table for my pre-show delight. Perfectly themed dinner for a show centered on young Italian lovers.

I was not even half way into my pasta when a couple sat at the table across the aisle from me. The man dressed in his nice suit had sat down first and waited for his female companion to join him with her food.

“Look she’s she sitting by herself”

“Do you want to invite her over?


They must have thought I was talking quietly enough for me not to hear, but alas, that was not the case. Sullenly I finished my dinner and headed up to my seat.

I sat there before the show pondering why I was alone in going to the Opera and Ballet. I don’t really want to go to some of the things my guy goes to, but my friend says her guy does all thing she wants to do. Can that be right? But then my other friend’s mom says that it’s good for me for doing what I want to do. (Even if I’m by myself?) Too many thoughts.

It was a slow night for the opera. I was joined a lovely older couple to my right and then there was no one on my left in the row.

The show was fantastic, but other than that it was a depressingly lonely evening.


Saturday Night

Wow! What a social calendar, two parties to go to. I got all dressed up and headed off to the first arty, the furthest one. I arrived and was dismayed to learn that the friends I knew would not be attending. I was alone at a party with strangers. Ok. Not the worst thing. I chatted with some people, but headed out to second party when I had stayed a sufficiently appropriate amount of time.

After getting a bit lost I made it to the second party where I actually knew several people and met a few more. It was going good, minus most people there were there as a couple.

It was getting late, so I decided to head home, but before I could leave..

“When are we going to meet your guy? Why didn’t make it tonight? What kind of stuff would he make it too?”

I made some excuse about not being into costume parties, so unprepared for that I was.

I sunk into the oblivion of loneliness as I drove home and thought more on I how I’d probably be attending these parties alone and was it even worth it.