Garden Shadows

It was Abby’s second night in Dr. Phillip’s house and she had the unsettling feeling she was being watched. She had already cleared away the remnants of dinner and settled into the theater room with some win to watch a movie when she hear something crash outside in the garden. Mustering every ounce of courage she had, Abby grabbed the flashlight from the pantry and headed out to the garden to investigate.

At first everything in the garden looked frightening to Abby from the rose bushes to the cherub statues before she let her eyes adjust to the darkness of the thin mooned night. Then only the shadows that danced in the autumn breeze  gave her pause to jump back into her car ans speed back to the city.

There it  was. Some noise. Abby froze terrified in her tracks as as something brushed against her leg. Then a barely audible purr wafted up to Abby’s ears. “Only a cat,” she exhaled, as a back cat with large yellow eye like a full moon slinked over to rickety old ladder cast upon its side next to a short tree.

“Cat must have knocked over the ladder,” Abby said as she shook. The cat disappearing into the shadows. “Cat must belong to the neighbors,” she continued as she headed back inside. “No more TV for me, I’ve really worked myself up.”

As she closed the back door behind her, “That was close,” The Splottown Stalker exhaled from the shadows of the garden.


One thought on “Garden Shadows

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