Story A Day Sept 30: Hoarder’s Revenge

“Poor Salem. That cat was the best friend I ever had. He was the best cat there ever was.” Mrs. Helms mused as she mixed together clicked and clanged in the garage mixing together solvents and chemicals into a vile connection.

“Don’t worry, Salem, I got the rotten vermin who poisoned you. I had to use some of my magic to catch him before he could run away, but I’ll give him a taste of his own medicine. And then I’ll get the others who put him up to it.” she continued as she stirred the fowl mixture.

Once her concoction was ready, Mrs. Helps expertly navigated the crags of trinkets and nick-knacks that replaced the walls of her home to wear the ventilation to the basement lay. She cleared off a spot next to the vent hole, laide the pot of poisonous liquid next to it, and lit it on fire. She then placed a fan next to the flambé so that the noxious fumes would make it down to the murderous Joseph, whom she had chained in the basement.