Story A Day Sept 29: Coffee Shop

Sam entered the coffee shop full of shopping warriors on the Saturday afternoon after Thanksgiving fueling up for a day’s worth of sale busting and packing wrapping. Christmas carols faintly fluttered in and out over the chattering of the noise and clanging of cups by the baristas. The sweet aroma of caramel and bitterness of expresso overpowered the tiny shop.

This is what made the coffee shop Sam’s favorite place. Even though he couldn’t tase the grade black coffee he ordered nor the pumpkin scone, the aroma of the coffee  and pastries overpowered his sense of smell in the tiny shop. For someone who could not taste the bitterness of his coffee nor the sweetness of the his scone, the fragrance of the coffee shop was heaven.

Every Saturday morning, Sam came to the coffee shop and ordered a coffee and a scone. It was his weekly ritual. One he desperately needed after another depressing Thanksgiving. Sam savored the perfume of his coffee as he watched the shoppers rush in and out. How he envied their ability to taste thier morning treats. How he pitied them for not taking the time to appreciate the gift they had.