Story A Day Sept 28: Willow Tree

Willow was small, quite sprite. She didn’t care much for the civil war waging in land of humans nor did she care for mischief her fellow sprites caused at the  expense of the humans. Willow spent most of her time caring for Nature’s temples, making sure they were in pristine shape, hoping to please the Mother.

Willow was on her way to one of nature’s temples on a crisp fall morning when she heard shouting. Normally she would have just went along her way, but the sobs of a young girls made her pause. She peaked from around the trees spying the commotion. Some boys quite a bit taller than the young girl with blond curls who sobbed were playing keep away with her doll. “Poor girl,” Willow empathized, for she had often been teased as just as this girl was now.

Willow was startled from her thoughts when one of the boys taunted, “You want your doll, come and get it,” and took off into the woods with the girl’s doll. The other boys followed laughing. The girl chased after the laughing crowd as a clumsy bundle of blond culs and tears. Willow ran after the girl. She caught up the the crowd at the edge of the river as the boy dangled the doll over the water with the girl pleading for her doll through a steady stream of tears.

The river was engorged by the recent rain fall. If the doll were to fall it would be swept away quickly in the fast moving current. Willow watched in disbelief as the boy tossed the doll into the middle of the river.

“No!” Willow screamed as the little girl raced into the river after her doll. The boys all stood and sated at the sprite. None going into to save the young girl who apparently could not swim as sunk beneath the river’s current and did not resurface.

Willow could not believe the boys would do this and then not try to stop the girl or try to save her. Without thinking of her own safety, Willow ran into the river after the girl. She swam underneath the current feeling for something, anything, finally something. The doll. She tossed it ashore and continued looking for the girl. She finally grabbed ahold fo the girl who was coughing river water, a good sign. She used up all energy finding the girl. She had nothing left to get them back to shore. She called on her magic to get them safe to the river bank. She just had to do something to save this girl’s life. Willow used all of her magic to get the girl safely to shore, saving her life.

A sprite that uses all her magic up can no longer exist, so Willow passes on the bank of the river next to the girl’s doll. Nature, however, had began to look for Willow when she was late to the temple that morning and had witnessed her great sacrifice. Nature could not revive Willow as a sprite, but enchanted her as Willow tree on the bank on the river. Her branches have pulled many a swimmer in over his head out of the swift river.