Story A Day Sept 26: Haunted Vampire

Count Alexandru had ‘lived’ for centuries yet still appeared to be a very handsom 30 years old. He just purchased a historic southern home outside of Atlanta most others of his kind would call him crazy for living in a such a sunny climate, but with Atlanta’s booming night life it was easy to mix in with the night crowd. Alex, as he called himself now, easily conned his way into a job at a night club. It was the perfect place to scope out his next meal and then retire to his plantation to sleep out the day in darkness.

They said the place was haunted when he bought it, the Claret House. A beautiful, small mid-1800 house with the white columned veranda out looking the gardens and yard lined with magnolia and pecan trees. Though the outside had been kept up for appearances  the inside contained small rooms in deteriorating condition, a real “fix-er-upper” as the realtor  had called it.  He smiled as he when he made the offer, for he would be the only one haunting the place now, or so he thought. Last night was Alex’s night off so he decided he get started on updating the interior of his plantation. He would need in prime condition when he need to resale and move on to his next identity.

When working in the dining room, Alex saw a woman in the front hall. He called out to her What was someone doing in his house? She didn’t respond, but turned and walked out the formal living room. Alex follower her there where she disappeared in front of the fire place. Alex had never seen anything like this in his 3 centuries. He frantically searched the wall and fireplace for a passage in which she might have gone. He found nothing and retired for the day.

Ne next night Alex awoke feeling odd. His face felt odd his hand and body looked as if it had aged. Despite the odd feeling he headed off to work anyway.

“Can I help you,” the manager said when he arrived.

“Very funny,” Alex answered in a tone that said he was in no mood for jokes.

“Alex is that you?”

“Yeah, and this isn’t funny”

“Dude, you look 20 years older! What happened?!”