Story A Day Sept 22: Twister

Carrianne tried to cover the bruises the best she could. Her tears falling like the raindrops that began platter on the tiny bathroom window. Carrianne prayed to her mama in heaven that the storm would wake the monster passed out on the couch as she quietly turned on the radio. The weatherman said a twister was on the way. Carrianne tripped over the whisky bottles gathering blankets and water to the cellar.

Soaked from the rain, Carrianne tried to wake her father to for them to take shelter from the storm. He was passed out in drunken stupor, deadened to the world. There was no way she could carry him out to the cellar. Carrianne ran back out into the wind and ran towards the cellar, calling out to the dog, who was more bruised and beaten. She closed the cellar do behind her and the dog as the hail began to berate the earth.

Carrianne huddle in the back of the shelter with the frighted pup under a mound of blankets praying to her mama in heaven to let them live through the storm. Wind howled. Mother Nature unleashed a furious twister that scored the earth, shattering glass, splintering wood, upending trees. Debris pelted the cellar door. Then all was silent. Until the earth screamed in pain one last time.

Carrianne opened the cellar door to find nothing but clear skies. No house, no more monster.