Story A Day Sept 21: Vision of Elder Moira

2129 Fortress Mull ,Predawn

Gavina screamed in agony and pain as the old shaman plunged the ritual ruby dagger into her chest to take  her magic. She fought the old man and pull the dagger out shoving it into his heart. His dark magic flowed to her as the blood poured from the both of them.

Gavina shot up from her desk in a sweat clutching the black scar on her chest. Just another nightmare. She must have dozed off as she searched through her portion recipes for one that would induce a vision of The Book of Dagda.

The nightmares of her past plagued Gavina everytime she closed her eyes. It had been a week since she had slept last. She needed to find the book soon or she would lose her mind.

There at the bottom of the page. The Tonic of Catha. She had all of the ingredients and the full moon was…now! The Book of Dagda would be hers as long as she could keep her nightmares at bay long enough to have the vision. Quick, meticulous work of the ingredients produced a fowl chartreuse liquid. Without a second thought , Gavina downed the potion.

“Elder Moira?”
“Yes my child.”
“Oh, it is so good to see you again after all these years.”
“Yes, it is good to know that our deaths were not in vain. What is it that you are searching for dear?”
“The Book of Dagda. Can you tell me where it is?”
“Are you sure that’s what you are truly searching for?”
Yes, I need it so I can end these nightmares and get back to a normal life, maybe even meet someone and start my own family.”
“Hmmm,” the vision of Elder Moira paused as if thinking whether to tell Gavina where the book lay or if to lead her to another solution. “The power of the book is tempting and requires great responsibility.”
“Yes, Elder Moira, I can handle it.”
“Go to Districa Columbia, there is a man with the markings Lakota markings who will help you.”
“Help me find the book? Wait, I need more…” Galvina pleaded as the vision faded.