Story A Day Sept 18: Warlock Stoned

In the town of Salem, Massachusetts the villagers gathered to place stones upon a warlock in an effort to send him back to the devil he worshiped.


“If you continue to have me put to death!

You will only harm yourselves in the eyes of the lord!

You will be condemning yourselves to hell!


You all know me!

You all know I am an upstanding member of this community!

I attend the church here! I have a shoppe in town!

Many of you attended grew up with me! Attended my wedding!

Were there at the baptism of my sons!


The more stones you add,!

The further you’re condemned to an eternity of fire!

The further you place yourselves from God!

The more weight!…”


The accused did not return to hell as the town priest had foretold. His body lay broken in the execution pit as the town headed to the hall for the next trial, a young girl of fifteen summers.


Inspired by the Anniversary of the Salem witch trials execution of Giles Corey, September 19, 1692, who actually refused to enter a plea to the charges of witchcraft.