Story A Day Sept 17: Bag of Sand

A thick cloud of dust filled the shed when Elena threw down the heavy sack she was carrying.

“You may think this a thrill for me, but this really isn’t easy for me,” Elena coughed with a sick smile as she opened the thick canvas bag.

Sean choked on his gag and tugged on his bonds tring to free himself.

“You will consume all of this bag of sand. You may feel a burning sensation as it goes down, but you will not make a sound. And most importantly you will not gag on my new shoes.”

As Elena searched for a funnel, Sean finially managed to untie himself. He quietly wrapped the rope around the bag of sand, closing it. He took aim.

“And what do you think of…”

Elena never go the chance to finish her bragging as Sean pelted her with the bad of sand square in the jaw.  Her brain settled among the blood and dust on the shed floor.

As Sean lit the shed on fire he made a phone call.

“How about a vacation in Mexico, Jeana?”

“What about your wife?” Jeana asked hesitantly.

“I don’t think she’s going to be a problem any more.”