Story A Day Sept 15: The Cursed Fae Queen

The Fae Queen was furious. Apparently the curse was true, she was unable to have a child. As she wept in her private garden she failed to notice the intruder enter.

“What ails you my Queen?” a tall, dark Fae inquired.

“Go away, Fealtor.”

“But I am hear to help, My Queen.” he bow slyly.

“No one can help. The curse stands. I am unable to bear a child by any male Fae,” the Queen continued to sob.

“What about a non-Fae, my Queen?”

The Queen disgusted, “Careful what you say next, Fealtor. If you’re suggesting a human.”

“Of course not my Queen, but we have just reached a treaty with the Druids, the favored human race  of Mother Earth, a pairing with one of the Druid priests would save face with us in front of the gods after the recent war.”

“Yes, it would help lessen the punishment by the gods. Bring me a list of the most powerful  priests, married or not.”

“As you wish my Queen.”