Story A Day Sept 13: The Anarchy

I arrived early to the reception. Glasses of rasin colored wine lined the table. A portly man in a tan suit with a purple tie had also arrived early. He introduced himself to me as he handed me a business card with his initials and a lighthouse with enormous ears streaming light. I was so engrossed by the ridiculous graphics on the card I failed to catch the gentleman’s name, only that his company provided headsets for museum audio tours. I rudely interrupted Mr. Purple Tie at this,

“Did your company do the audio for The Anarchy exhibit.”

“Yes, sublime wasn’t it,” he replied. “It was a shame the main attraction was stolen and the exhibit was closed. But my company also did the audio for the replacement exhibit on The Battle of Flodden.”

Mr. Purple Tie who must have been of Scottish descent continued on about the heritage of the Scots for sometime, but my mind drifted to the to The Anarchy theft. It was this case that kept me up at night.