Story A Day Sept 12: Latest Catch

It was a windy evening when I called upon the home of the pretty lady. I could not by the life of me understand why such a lovely lady was not married off to a fine gentleman yet. There had of course been some rumors of mysterious disappearances in the area of eligible gentlemen, but I did not but much stock into lady talk. Some some said that the lady talked too much, but I felt that that could be trained out if true.

The lady proved to be quite hospitable and even more lovely in person. She did ramble on something fierce which would have been unbearable save for the anticipation of the thrill of action later tonight. I admit I was lost in the rise and fall of  her bosom as she chattered I did not notice the large fish hook until the pain radiated my jaw when she plunged it into my cheek. Seems the gossip was true and I was to be her latest catch.