Story A Day Sept 10: The Anthropologist and the Baker

The anthropologist stepped off the train at the Derby station after his testimony in London before Parliament.

“Who were they to judge his research. So what if this changed some of the fundamental beliefs of English history. What did they know about chromosomes and carbon dating.”

Dr. Calvert  was feeling defeated as he stopped by the baker’s on his way home. They handicapped his research by refusing him access to dig at the National Historic Site.

“How was your trip to London, Dr. Calvert?” the baker, Mr. Welsh inquired.

“Not so well, I’m afraid. Parliament was afraid I would upset our history. And of course the new bishop for the London Diocese is against testing on the remains of the deceased.”

“Well Darwin didn’t let anyone stop him from preaching that we were born from fish, so drum of science will beat on regardless of what those in London say.”

Dr. Calvert wasn’t sure that Mr. Welsh had all his facts straight, but his words were comforting, so  he thanked the baker and paid for his bread. Dr. Calvert was renewed in efforts after talking with the baker. The truth of Stonehenge would be reveled if it was the last thing he did.