Story A Say Sept 8: Artist Beware

You may have read about my recently foiled attempt to acquire some contemporary art in Edinburgh. I want to let you know that I am not detoured by this recent set back or by the lack of good help as of late. You see I supply art to some of the richest and most famous, my client list would make the Oscars look like a frat party. I enjoy a lifestyle that is thus complementary to what my clients are willing to pay for the latest and greatest to adorn their mansions and palaces. As long as there is a buyer, there will always be a dark underworld to the art scene, that I am all to happy to indulge in. So as soon as the media buzz dies down and good help is too be found, my business will be in full swing. Artist Beware.



Art Theft Is Real And It’s Serious-This story was inspired by an actual theft. “Scottish Art Dealer Suspects Fiendish Forces Behind Edinburgh Art Robbery