Story A Day Sept 1: Saturday Morning Birthday Preparations

It was early Saturday morning when Mark snuck out of the house while everyone was still sleeping. Today was  a special day, it was Amy’s birthday, but there was still no cake, no card, and no present. Mark went to the jewelry store first, purchase the necklace his wife had been eyeing, and the matching earrings which would be from the kids. He next journeyed to the bakery to pick up the cake he had ordered the day before, then onto the pharmacy for the perfect card. Amy was up feeding the kids breakfast when he returned. He was able to hide the presents and card from her for later, but the cake was too obvious.

“What’s that?,” she asked, all too knowingly.
“Just a little something special for after lunch,” Mark replied.
“After lunch? Not dinner?”
“Yes, you and I have a dinner reservation and the girls have a date with the babysitter tonight.”
“Sounds like a perfect birthday, thank you.”
“There’s more to come, my love,” Mark replied as he kissed his wife, and then his two daughters good morning before putting the cake in the refrigerator. Mark had completed all of the arrangements to a perfect birthday celebration for his wife. Now it was time to enjoy some breakfast with his family before the festivities began.