Suspenseful Short

Abby lay awake at night, feeling as empty as the big house she was staying at. There was a draft that flowed thought the manor that caused Abby to huddle under the blanket like a little animal scared and alone.

“What was that noise?!” her mind fluttered, pulse raced, scaring herself crazy.”I need to get a hold of myself! I need to gt a grip on reality!” as she wandered down the hall to turn on the light in the kitchen and discover the sink faucet dripping.

The not too wise, Abby returned to bed unknowing that the Splottown Stalker was still watching her through the window.

Abby was new in town, unaware of the Splottown Stalker’s crime spree that preyed upon young, lonely women in the night, a gruesome matter that had the whole town suspecting anyone and everyone, even one of their own.

Thinking she had control over the whole bump in the night situation, Abby continued to count sheep, as the Stalker plugged is mouth with his fingers and chewed his nails outside her window nervously awaiting his opportunity. “Her heart will be mine,” he hissed injuriously.